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Post by Tman on Fri Jan 02, 2015 7:57 pm

Oh Minecraft, what can be said about you? This game is a sandbox game that allows you to build in your own infinite randomly generated world, for those who don't know. But I'm almost 100% sure you reading this already know this game, due to it already being in the list of most sold videogames in the world. This is the game that has gotten to the top 5 the fastest, after GTA 5 (released in 2013, already in top 5 most sold games). Minecraft is the sh** right now, due to its fantastic gameplay, although the graphics aren't like your CoD or Destiny, it makes the game even better. Think about it, old-school looking game where you can build litterally whatever you want wherever you want? Count me in! Also having an amazing Multiplayer mode, the aspect we should most point out is the gameplay itself. The game really doesn't have a plot, which means not only can you BUILD whatever you want, you can DO whatever your heart desires. It is to notice that the game does have an ending, but this is not necessary to complete. Youc an spend hours, days, months playing in a single minecraft world and still have something to do. All these aspects make this game my favorite PC game of all time. One last thing, the creator of this game is probably one of the most recognisable indie developer, Markus "Notch" Persson.
To sum up:This game is amazing in almost every way possible. Some might complain of the graphics, but changing them would just make the gameplay horrible. Only released in 2010 fully, it already has sold more copies than the original Super Mario Bros from the NES. I love this game, and nothing can change my opinion about it.

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