The Pokemon Ghost Girl...

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The Pokemon Ghost Girl...

Post by Tman on Tue Jan 20, 2015 9:47 pm

Before I start writing my theory about this "ghost girl", I do want to warn you there are SPOILERS ahead for Pokemon Black/White, Black 2/White 2 and Pokemon X/Y.
So, this Pokemon ghost girl that pparently is still a mistery to everyone. I have one theory, which makes sense, but is pretty simple and has almost no real facts associated to it.
First, I want to tell you a story about the Pokemon anime. If you've never seen the first season of the Pokemon anime and are thinking of doing this, please do not read this. In an episode of the Pokemon anime, a girl who happens to be the Gym Leader of Saffron City, who uses Psychic-type Pokemon, appears. This girl seems to be a young adult, but into the episode we learn that it's actually her little sister controlling her body. She also turns Ash and his gang into dolls. This girl is really important to bring it all together, so do not forget her.
So, let's head to Pokemon Black/White and their sequels. In Pokemon Black/White, you find a misterious girl on Marvelous Bridge, and if you talk to her, she simply disappears. Weird, isn't it? And also a little eerie, but not too much. Next is Black 2/White 2. In this game, you go to a hauted house a.k.a the "Strange House" where you find yet another girl who seems to have ghostly abilities. This girl goes around the haunted house spreading some dialogue, and is actually part of the Cresselia event in the game. What's interesting about her though is her text. Just read the first thing she says to you: "An everlasting dark dream... An endless dream of darkness... Dad, Mom, Abra... Where are you?...". Wow. Just wow. So the first part of this text, the "dark dream" is obviously referring to Darkrai, who uses its power of making nightmares to attack both Pokemon and people, but the interesting thing is the next thing she says: "Dad, Mom, Abra". An Abra... Let's go back to the anime lore. The Gym Leader of Saffron City had an Abra... But she seemed really different psychologically. The girl in the anime was angry, while this one was just sad. But not only can the girl in the Strange House be Sabrina, but her stages of emotions are like the K├╝bler-Ross five stages of grief theory, and since she was weeping for her mother, father and her beloved Pokemon, this is really possible.
But how does this connect to X/Y, you ask? Well, maybe, just maybe, I can answer that question. In X/Y, if you enter a certain building in Lumiose City, you can find that the music stops playing, the light goes out and suddenly, there she is, the girl we actually referr to as the "ghost girl". This girl could be the ghost girl from the other games and the anime, but how? She appears behind you, and simply says "No, you're not the one.". Again with the eerie text. How does this relate to the other games, though? Hmm. My only thought would be that, since you took the Lunar Wing in Black 2/White 2, and relieved the little girl from her dark nightmares, maybe she is looking for the Black 2/White 2 you to thank you, but instead finds the X/Y you, which is supposedly someone else. Although this part might not sound too believable, I think the rest of this theory holds up, and explains that there isn't a lot of ghost girls in Pokemon, but just one. Oh, and before you come here and comment "Where's the girl from the Dusknoir episode?", do not ask me. I might get into that girl as well in the future, but for now I think I'll just say this much.
I hope you enjoyed my theory on the Pokemon "Ghost Girl". If you did, be sure to share this on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else, as it really would support me a lot! Also do not forget to register on the forum and post your own Walkthroughs, Reviews or Theories of any game you'd like!
P.S: I know I have pretty much only been posting Pokemon related thing, but I haven't played anything else in a while, and different games might be reviewed and theorized in the future. Goodbye!

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