Empire is a cool show.

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Empire is a cool show.

Post by Tman on Sat Feb 21, 2015 10:50 pm

Before you start looking at this review, BEWARE OF SPOILERS, because there is a lot of them, as in any other review.
So, Empire, huh... This show is actually pretty cool. I personally have only seen the 2 first episodes, but I'll try to make this as good of a review as it can be.
If you haven't seen or heard about this show, and this is where SPOILERS begin, here's a rundown of the story: So Empire is a show about a man named Lucius Lyon who owns a company named, obviously, Empire. It's a record company, but there's some problems going on with this guy. First, his ex-wife Cookie threatens to tell everyone in the company that it was founded by her with 400k dollars from selling drugs. Not only this, but also he has a disease with no cure that gives him about 3 years of life left. So this brings up another problem. He doesn't want to leave the company to Cookie, for some odd reason, so he has to choose one of his 3 children. Hakeem, the youngest of the 3 is a rapper who Lucius considers the most famous of all 3. Andre is the oldest of the 3, and he works at the company instead of being a singer, so he's a possible choice too. Jamal is the middle brother, and for the fact that he's homossexual his dad never liked him. Despite this fact, Jamal is a pretty damn good singer! BTW, I'm not saying that homossexuals normally don't sing well. You know what I meant by that. A bit later into the first 2 episodes, Cookie becomes Jamal's agent and plans to make him more famous that Hakeem. Andre is the smart one, seeing as he lays back as he sees his 2 brothers fighting for the lead of the company, as he thinks they might even end up killing each other. The problem is they actually don't want to fight for the company, specially Jamal, who pretty much doesn't even care for the leadership at all.
So, my opinion about this series up until now is that it is amazing. Not only is the story addicting, as they hit the mark when they made the show about hip-hop, since it is the music genre people are more into these days. Speaking of music, this series has a freaking amazing soundtrack!
So yeah, I think that's about it when it comes to Empire. At least for now, because as I said, I have only seen 2 episodes.

Thank you so much for reading this review on the Empire show! Don't forget to register on the website and also share this so other people can see aswell! Hope you enjoyed and have a nice one!

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