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Five Nights At Freddy's

Post by Tman on Fri Mar 20, 2015 6:12 pm

First and foremost, as you all know, there are going to be SPOILERS ahead, so be careful if you haven't played this game, and intend to in the future.
So we gamers know all about our horror game genre. Slenderman, Amnesia, and a lot others have set records of this genre, but in 2014 a new rival came along and changed what we think about the horror genre. Five Night's At Freddy's, a game for the PC, Android or iPhone was released by Scott Cawthon, a "new" video game producer. When I say "new", I mean he HAS produced games before, but none ever got close to having such an impact on the video game industry.
In this game, you play as a night guard at Freddy Fazzbear's Pizzeria. Your job is to watch over the cameras in the pizzeria. Seems easy, right? Well, there is a little twist, and by this I mean there are haunted animatronics going around and trying to kill you. Good thing you have cameras, right? The objective is to survive through five nights sitting in a room while fending off these animatronics.
When you play this game, you feel helpless. You're pretty much waiting in a room waiting until you get killed by one of the animatronics. And the worst part is they do this with jumpscares and loud screams. I feel like the concept of the game just makes it that much scarier. Watching cameras five night straight while being able to do barely anything else? Gives you the creeps already. And the fan, my god, the fan. If you don't know, there's always a fan running in the room you're in while watching the cameras. Oh, should I also note, this is litterally the only sound you hear besides the sound of when you switch what camera you're watching and the damn Phone Guy always having a conversation with you. But don't get too involved in this conversation, because that just might cost you your life (in-game, of course).
When FNAF 1 came out, it was immediately a huge hit. When 2 came out, people started thinking that it just wasn't all that scary... But Scott had an amazing idea: make the game more realistic. FNAF 3 came out recently, and let me tell you, do not play this game if you've never played anything scarier than 1 and 2. FNAF 3 is by far a lot scarier than its prequels (or sequels, the timeline is kinda messed up). With not that bad jumpscares, but double the cameras to watch, a ventilation system, and animatronics that look like something you'd find at Chuck E. Cheese, but if it was haunted, this game sets the bar a lot higher for any sequels that may or may not follow this game. In any way, it is safe to say Five Nights At Freddy's is already one of the most recognizable and one of the better games of the horror genre, being able to complete with even Slendy himself.

Hope you guys have enjoyed this scary review (just not really  tongue ) and, as always, be sure to register to be able to make your own reviews about not only games, but also any TV show or movie you'd like to see on the website, and also to be able to share your opinion with others through comments aswell! Also, be sure to post this page on your Facebook and Twitter if you liked it, it would really be appreciated, and you'd be happy too, because you'd know your friends are also checking out this awesome page! Again, hope you enjoyed, and goodbye!

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