The Forum and Rules

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The Forum and Rules

Post by Tman on Mon Jan 12, 2015 4:20 pm

Welcome to Tgames, a forum where we post anything you can imagine and suggest! From reviews, to guides, to anything else, you can get a lot of experience in videogaming if you just look at the forum! Any videogame, from Pokemon, to CoD, to even rumored games/things in a game! So, please, follow these rules (I don't want to write them everytime) if you don't want to get a ban and have fun in the forum!
- Do not swear!
- Do not spam any topics/subforums!
- Do not post/comment in all caps!
- Respect others, either staff or not!
- Respect the subforums/topics (e.g. Do not post a review on the Walkthrough forum)
- Have fun!!!

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